Class Requirements

Your 1st step for carrying concealed in Nevada & 30+ other states!

State Requirements

  • The applicant is at least 21 years old

  • The applicant is not prohibited from possessing a firearm under Nevada or federal law; and

  • The applicant has completed a pre-approved firearm safety course, enroll in The CCW Class now to get started!

  • 8 Hours total. Four Classroom & 4 shooting.

  • Passing a written test & a shooting qualification test.

  • After completing our CCW class, your next step is to visit the Las Vegas Metro Police Department for fingerprinting and a background check. For department location, hours and fees, visit the Concealed Firearms page at

The information contained herein is subject to change. Please check with local law enforcement for updates.

Class Requirements
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The CCW Class course typically is a two-part course that requires you to commit to a classroom instruction and a shooting test.


- A valid photo ID

- A handgun with 200+ rounds of ammo

- Ear Protection

- Eye Protection

- Water / Snacks